Nepal Authorities

The authorities of Nepal officially promote the implementation of the learning method of L. Ron Hubbard in all public and private schools in the country that promote Nepal’s authorities officially adopting the method of learning by L. Ron Hubbard in all public and private schools in the country despite of all traditions of spiritual nature, which about 3000 years back like enough is Nepal 187. instead, what concerns the ability of reading and writing its population today. Educator and headmaster of a school in Kathmandu contributes Professor Sharma for some time to make a positive change of the educational system in Nepal, to increase the level of education in the country. In Kathmandu, the focus on the mount Gauri Shankar is school.

She takes the children of the elite Nepal on their familien E.g. in the area of the military, the Government or leading companies involved. Professor Bijay Sharma is the headmaster of this school and a leading educator of Nepal. He has made all wheels in motion, to improve the quality of education in Nepal and the To improve ability of reading and writing of the people of his country. As he searched for a practical solution for the high number of school failures in Nepal, he came across on Applied Scholastics International, where he discovered learning method (also known as the study technology) L. Ron Hubbards and asked for details on the Internet. Applied Scholastics International sent his Ambassador to study technology and many years Messenger in the Asian region, Evelyne Clark to answer the questions, Kathmandu. “” Evelyne Clark was Mr Professor Sharma before Basic Applied Scholastics, including learning materials and courses how to learn “, the basic Studierleitfaden” special resources for educators. Affiliated Professor Sharma started with an intensive program to learn the basics of the study technology. He prepared carefully, to introduce them to his school.

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