Drug Prevention Programs

In drug prevention, a basic task is to expand freedom of the individual in his relationship with drugs. In a society with a great offer, we will focus on expanding and improving their knowledge in the creation and development of healthy alternatives to drug use and the development of attitudes and behaviors that allow a drug-related, if it is produce responsible and independent. In short, a more free. Greater freedom means more and better knowledge, leading to greater autonomy and accountability for the decisions that an individual has to take on drugs. We do not want to completely discharge this responsibility to the young or young of consumption by it, because as we know such liability depending on the psychosocial development basically achieved by the individual. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Anthony Carolla. We must implement plans and strategies to achieve the following objectives: – Raise awareness and motivate the general population to participate actively and in a coordinated way issues for drug addicts. – To train the general public and mainly children and adolescents, to live more freely and responsibly with the drugs.

– Delaying the average age of starting consumption of different substances. – Develop research projects on drug prevention in schools, family and community. – Promote the development of preventive programs aimed at families in general and the particular risk. – Inform, motivate and lead the addict to begin rehabilitation treatment, while working at a harm reduction caused by their drug use. – Support accredited rehabilitation programs and to develop other aimed at social inclusion of rehabilitated drug addict.

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