Grill, fondue, raclette, wok – these buzzwords have entered into our everyday life in recent years. So called original ways of cooking over an open fire in a special dish with the help of special devices. Fondue is considered communication dish, and if you decided to get a tight circle of friends to spend unforgettable moments together, this dish – a brilliant choice for this event. It has long been noticed that the food from the same pot promotes unity, and therefore it is fraternizing at the banquet table. Have a fondue is another advantage: the mistress exempt from preparing a few dishes, as the guests themselves are preparing themselves at the table and get from it a considerable pleasure. You just have to pick up side dishes and wine, cooking sauces, sliced and nicely decompose the components of fondue, depending on the selected recipe. Fondue – quite a diverse group of foods, but authentic fondue in accordance with the definition (in French fondu means 'melted') should be regarded as cheese and chocolate, which appeared in the late 60-ies of XX century. Last for the first time was served in restaurants in New York, then its popularity spread to Europe, home fondue – Switzerland, then won a success in Germany and conquered other countries. Other types of fondue – broth, wine or vegetable oil – belong to this group meals only by the method of preparation: they are prepared directly at the table participating in the lunch constantly heated fluid through devices traditionally used for fondue.

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