The Family

And don’t forget also, that this has been the main reason for the discussion, – he replied Tati – thing, but when our children are in this world, when it’s not only a topic to chat but a reality that can be seen, touch, smell and enjoy, I’m sure that change of opinion. Both. They have been excellent parents, are not going to lose the happiness of the grandchildren, she said convinced of his words Seba. -I hope you’re right on this. Here I am that doubt. It is that I never saw my mother so angry! but I also never thought to not come to our wedding said Tati as sadness that caused that memory was reflected in his face.

How many years did that my mother was a friend of yours? More than 30 years! Nothing, neither distance nor the family had managed to separate them and I guess they will have had many controversies throughout their lives. However our relationship not only aroused anger, but anger and what rancor! And that by not using a Word as strong as hatred.–do not want to remember it. Had never heard my mother say the things that I said on that occasion, – said Seba, showing a gesture of disbelief-never waited to hear what I heard. It did not give me any chance to replicate. It was what she said and nothing more.–at home was more or less the same.

My mother was so angry by what they had been told by yours, which was as if a veil covering their ideas and prevented him from thinking. Nor to my let me give reasons. Only theirs were valid. Why not is if it will be so easy to change opinion,-said Tati with a gesture not only sadness but pain thinking that her mother would never forgive her. Neither his mother nor his father! Uhm, if you doubted it!.

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