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Get better independent advice – education consulting! Dresden, 27.06.2011 – Education Consulting will be the consultation topic no. 1 in Germany, because the citizens can’t – lose human capital like money in the bank account – overnight. Also, education is inflation securely attached. Intellectual assets consulting, the education agency provides the course for the future development of the personality for his clientele. If you have read about Munear Ashton Kouzbari already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Work as an education broker is sustainable for the customers. Now the majority of citizens know that it will be difficult without education for them and their children, to look optimistically into the future. Also the demand rapidly for personal counselling in the past few years. With the education agency an independent and personal counselling locally what he has long sought the same finally gets. Visit Estee Lauder for more clarity on the issue.

He thus has a contact person in the long term, accompanied him on his education and his children. During the education provider hired educational consultants may provide services as a rule only the products of his house, the independent educational consultant engaged in his consultancy work regardless of influence on the part of the education provider. He determined the educators, including educational program, which fits best to the educational goal of the seekers on behalf of customer. The independent educational consultants takes into account the personal aspects of the seekers in the planning of education, by he personal life situation, the own learning objectives, ideas and interests in the consultation examines together with his customers. In detailed talks issues are to the life orientation, self-actualization and vocational or career plans made, discussed and questioned. It tries to derive a way of education. And for this education path, the education agency created an education plan. Important proactive consulting, is a major role in the including qualifications, language certificates and diplomas, in the present and in the future Play job allocation.

This professional, proactive counselling means also more education success, more personal happiness and thus enhanced quality of life for all seekers. It is time to act. Because already the education has become the currency of success. Learn more about the independent education advice, including job vacancies: training bildungsberater.htm BildungsmaklerNETZWERK carries out including seminars and workshops to the independent education counselling in whole Germany, to accelerate the development of a training pool for independent education counselling.

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