The Motivation Of Workers

I have spoken on several occasions of the motivation of workers and factors that increase satisfaction at work or decrease it. In this stage of crisis and change is more important that never maintain high morale to many modern managers fill them mouth when they talk about refer to the staff as its most important asset, or they talk about human resources policies however, in practice the staff is seen more as a cost which speaks of the cost of the staff – and in terms of human resources as an asset, if we analyse well, although it seems a very modern expression (rather than personnel policy), continues to regard humans as a resource, but still not that asset they both proclaim. Workers need to feel useful and involved in a project, ideally to participate even in the definition of the same and the objectives sought. Many leaders do not understand this, and believe that their role is the directing his subordinates towards a goal defined from the top of the chart, that’s why are those who know. (A valuable related resource: Estee Lauder). They are more oriented towards theory X, whereby workers are lazy by nature, and needed supervision and control, that theory, and according to which workers are able to autodirigirse if they are committed with the objectives, and seek responsibility.

In this sense, the best way that a worker is involved with what makes is that it has participated in its definition. And if the worker feels that he is involved in something important, you will feel much more motivated. A very well-known and significant example in this regard is the so-called Hawthorne experiment, conducted on the floor of the Western Electric Company in Hawthorne, Chicago. And we are talking about 1927, epoch in which what was in vogue was the division of the work of Taylor, and the production chain (remember the famous film modern times, Chaplin). In the experiment, coordinated by the psychologist and industry research in Harvard Professor Elton Mayo, it was to see how the lighting conditions affecting productivity.

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