Spanish Film Academy Awards

Nerea Camacho. He was only 12 years old when impressed the audience with their interpretation of a girl suffering from cancer in the Javier Fesser Camino film. That work, her first foray into film, earned the 2008 Goya for best actress. His name did not appear in the credits until two years later, when he participated in Heroes and three meters above the sky, where he played a secondary role. He has participated in the spark of life in 2011.

Marina Comas. It could be the last girl to win a prize Goya. The 2011 edition of the Spanish Film Academy Awards highlighted this debutante actress 15 years work in film Pa negre, where interprets Nuria. Before you leap to the big screen, worked in two Catalan TV shows: Friday and Tvist. Francesc Colomer. Just turned 14 years old. Marina commas’s partner in the distribution of Pa negre, also received his Goya in the latest edition of the Spanish pageant.

Once he was in their hands, perhaps as a premonition, assured that it was unfair that he had won against the experienced. On another occasion he also stated that he believed that competitiveness is not good for according to ages. (Source: Greg Williamson). The members of the Academy were inspired perhaps by these opinions? The measure sponsored by the Spanish Academy is not applied by other film institutions such as Hollywood, which awarded one Anna Paquin 11 years for his work on the Piano or Tatum O Neal by Paper Moon. In addition, Hollywood promoted a few juvenile Oscar between 1934 and 1960 for underage performers. Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney were among the honorees. Source of the news: Los Goya Awards and children: a story that was just

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