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It has much that the man used native ways to communicate itself and to become related with and between the people. The current society created many advanced ways to improve the communication, these ways had modified the nature as the people if they interact currently, therefore it allowed to greater agility and it expanded the scale and the ratio of the information. Amongst these new medias invented for the man it is the Internet. However the knowledge that we have today on the Internet in the past was seen of different form at other times. Some had made analyses on the future of the Internet and many of these forecasts had happened, however in different dimensions. At the beginning, the Internet must have been a new media, therefore they had visualized thus it when it started in Brazil.

The Internet was imagined as a platform to carry through commercial transactions, therefore they had thus affirmed that it would be. When the businesses had started to give wrong had thought that it would be only one place to place sites finally and a new model that was known as web 2 would start to be the center of the attentions in web and had said that it was a contribution place. Propaganda, public utility, contribution, businesses online, citizenship, among others. The adjectives of the Internet are many and basically everything what it was said on the Internet is, however it is not limited to this. Of small blog to one mega content vestibule has many similar things that in very little environments can be found. In the same way, blogs, sites, vestibules, systems, etc, are part of the same technology and no matter how hard they cover different ways, they live if finding, if related and making one mixture that many look for to understand. The author is publisher of the Blog of the Luis and several blogs where he writes on education, especially on superior course in the distance, on technologies the Internet and management of Systems of information with emphasis in projects for the Internet.

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