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While on maternity leave, many mothers are trying as much as possible to arrange day richer for her baby. To do this, organized trips to the park, circus, zoo, and so on. And what is to take the child home? How to spend time? In order to make their working days of your child nice and fancy, it is necessary to periodically conduct educational games to help you help reveal the ability of the kid. This is the most effective method development. Mama's on the site of interest. Roux can be found with a variety of games to develop imagination, thought, speech, attention. For each age has its own game here, for example, educational games for kids: – This game will help your child to become more accurate.

The child let balls or cubes are soft. On the contrary kid is not far away from him, put a box, even try to throw it. And let's toys, alternately to the right, then left hand. – Can to play in the development of memory, like this: put the kid in front of three toys (you can even two) that he knows well. Ask your child to turn away or close his eyes and hide at that time one of them, and let the child say someone is not enough, if your toddler is not talking, then it may be a characteristic sound. – Playing on the development of attention and thought. Give the child a pen and take you on. Draw what your child says, but not dorisovyvat important details to the kid to draw attention to and pointed to shortcomings.

For example, drawing a cat, no tail and paws dorisovyvat by painting a car without wheels dorisovyvat. If a kid is not paying attention, then Prompt him, show a real example. – With young children it is useful to play on language development. You can help your baby talk sooner and better performing with such games to help his tongue and lips become stronger. Such games can come up with my mother herself: Ask the child to show how the elephant's trunk is gaining in vodichku (child must pull into a tube sponge) as a ticking clock (the child must stick his tongue, and shake it from left to right and vice versa), the beating hooves of a horse (bets again tongue). Strive to make your child cope with these games easily, slowly at first and in front of a mirror, and then under the account for five seconds each job, make them diverse. – Developing games for the imagination. Baby develop imagination can be different: ask the child to show sad, happy, surprised, terrible, evil person, ask the child goes to show how small and large Bear, like jumping bunny, as the snake crawls, reading a book, pay attention to the emotions of a baby book characters and ask him to show, for example, how happy bunny or a frightened rabbit. These classes Diversify other activities: make crafts out of clay, paper, from salted dough, wraps. Tinkering with the baby can be different crafts, and they can give to dad or grandma holiday. After all, children's crafts, made their hand, have always been and will be relevant.

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