Empire University

A plan of actions for the strengthening of the disclosure of all matters relating to these young people, which will be screened to the province as well as the municipal University venues shall be drawn up for the first time. The practical contribution of this research consists of an action plan aimed at strengthening the outreach and activities in the University of Ciego de avila with respect to the case of the five Heroes who will be projected toward the University Headquarters and the province. Research develops from a descriptive perspective, i.e. describes how disclosure of the case of the five manifests Heroes prisoners of the Empire at the University of Ciego de avila. It is a non-experimental study because what is done is to observe the foregoing as occurs in its natural context, then analyze it. It is a descriptive transactional design because it analyzes behavior on the process of disclosure of the case of the five Heroes in the Community College Maximo Gomez. The procedure is to measure a group of people with the aim of evaluating the actions carried out the Committee Pro liberation of the Center and how could increase to promote more such actions.

The population of the investigation compose it 962 national and foreign students from the regular daytime course of the University maximum Gomez Baez of Ciego de avila, taking a sample stratified probability for conglomerate of 55 different nationalities foreign students and 229 national students from the first to the fifth year of races: agricultural sciences, economic sciences, socio-cultural study, engineering Computing. Not choosing careers in law, hydraulics and English language by not having all the years of the race, as well as 50 professors, at the rate of 10 per faculty. The sample of teachers is intended to assess the level of disclosure existing in the University community on the case of five Heroes to compare it with the students regarding the activities that the Committee, the level of existing information in the Center related to the topic in question, the commitment of students and professors to the cause of the five Heroes; as well as the actions that could be carried out for the strengthening of the process of disclosure related to the five Heroes.

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