The Move

This type of information can ask the international moving company that will take care of our relocation. A good moving company will provide us with a comprehensive service, including packing and unpacking. However always worth making ourselves a part of packing. Each family member will have things that have special value for him, not only objects of great value, but also things of sentimental value that an operator of moving by more expert that is, do not know to treat them properly. For example all kinds of collections: books, discs, films etc. It is best to ask the moving company some boxes where our stuff ourselves able to be able to identify them easily in your new home.A few weeks before the move already should call our moving company and ask them boxes suitable to the type of objects you are going to pack on our own before moving. Some moving companies will bring us boxes to home, others will ask that we come to find them ourselves. First we should separate the things of value that we should always carry with us.

This will be both cash and books of checks or credit cards. All this we may need it during the trip.On the other hand we recommend wearing with us jewellery or other items of value that no insurance will return its sentimental value in the case of loss.We must lead us with us all kinds of important documentation, such deeds, contracts, policies of insurance etc. We may need them in the destination and we will be very difficult to locate them immediately.Packing the things we should always bear in mind the type of boxes for your package. For example the books must be always packed in small boxes to your weight allow manageability to operators of taxis and so they do not break under so much weight.Bulky and lightweight objects should be placed in large and medium-sized boxes to reduce the volume. Moving houses have a few special boxes for the relocation of clothing, especially hanging. Some special boxes there are type closet where we hang our clothes and at the destination we will return to hanging in our closet, without need for ironing.We should retrieve the original wrappings of household appliances and electrical appliances, if we have them saved.

These packagings shall always better protect the corresponding content. We suggest to leave packing of fragile objects to operators of the removal company, since, probably for more efforts that we put you, not we will do it better than them.In the event that we decide to take care ourselves of all packaging, we should do it room by room, pointing in each box the contents and the room where it comes from. It is highly recommended to use a different color for each room pen, this will allow to easily locate the boxes in our new destination.

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