Regional Pedro Juan Caballero

Susy Delgado, who in his capacity of Director of promotion of the languages of the Ministry of culture, revived and encouraged the collective work in pursuit of the treatment of the law of languages; It also congratulates the doctors Maria Eva Mansfeld Aguero and Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos, those who, from the National Commission on bilingualism – spared no effort and time to devote to the law; on the other hand, it congratulates Dr. Tadeo Zarratea, Coordinator of the Civil society workshop by basis, at all times, the objections that have been made to the articles of the law; Finally, the ATENEO congratulates Pearl Alvarez and Miguel Veron, on behalf of the Foundation Yvy Marae y knew how to strengthen their participation efforts; the same as Lic. Carlos Lugo Bracho, who was in a number of meetings bringing his talent. In particular, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI congratulates the Member Dr. Paublino Carlos Ferreira Quinonez, DRA. Maria Antonia Rojas Aranda and Mg.

jungle conception Gallardo Acosta; those who joined the group above, with the mission to express run with everything to achieve the proposed objective; in other words, to achieve the adoption of the law. Before the call to present today in the Parliament, despite the storm and heavy rain unleashed, were:-Dr. Maria Elvira Martinez de Campos, – Lic. Susy Delgado, – Candido Alberto Brizuela (El colibri) and members of the Cultural network, – Dr. Ramon Silva, – Dr. Tadeo Zarratea Davalos-Mg.

Mario Raul Bogado Velazquez (Guarani Raity) – Miguelangel Meza, – Lic. Elizabeth Garcia of Garcia, – Mg. Pearl Alvarez Britez, – Lic. Carlos Lugo Bracho, -Lic. Maria Georgina Gonzalez, Ixida has Cerafina – a representation of the Ministry of education, – a represetnacion of the Association of deaf and dumb, and – a delegation of students from the national school of the Capital University of language and culture GUARANI RERAPE OIVA:-Dr. Paublino Carlos Ferreira Quinonez (Director of the Regional Fernando de la Mora) – Dr. Zulma Beatriz Trinidad Zarza (Vice-Director of the ATENEO, and Director of the Regional San Estanislao)-Dr. Maria Antonia Rojas Aranda (Director of the Regional Ka asapa)-Dr. Pedro Ernesto Escurra Franco (Director of the Regional Pedro Juan Caballero) – mg Porifira Orrego Invernizzi (Director of the Paraguari Regional) – Mg. jungle conception Gallardo Acosta (Director Regional Asuncion-Center) – Dr. Miguel Dominguez Arbe (Director of the Regional Adrii Hayes) – Dr. Teresa Beatriz Cardozo Chavez (Director of the Regional Curuguaty and bridge Kyha) – Dr. Serafina Haidee Villalba Gomez (Director of the Regional San Pedro del Parana) – Lic. Francisca Ortiz Rivas (Director of the Regional Chore) – Dr. Egidia Matilde Galeano de Aguiar (Director of the Aregua Regional) – Mg. Ramona Ayala Colman (Director of the Edelira Regional) – Lic. Eduardo Acosta Medina (Director of the Regional Mariano Roque Alonso) – Dr. Modesto Romero Cueto (Regional Fernando de la Mora, Itaugua and Luque) Lic. Omar Alfonso Cibils (Regional bridge Kyha)-Mg. Juana Ramona Ayala Colman (Regional Edelira)-Mg. Luis Bernardo Acevedo (Regional Luque) – Dr. Alberta Margarita Leiva Villaverde (San Lorenzo) – Mg. Blanca Elisa Gimenez (clean) – Mg. Sabina Nunez Cardozo (Regional Fernando de la Mora) – Lic.

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