Labour Market

Before the imminent celebration of the labor day a select group of experts and professionals from private companies, institutions, political parties and associations has listed 8 measures that the current Government find way out of the current economic situation and strengthen the labour market. The ideology has emerged in Forum Ideas and proposals for the reform of the labour market in Spain, organized by Tempo consultants, the economic magazine liberal professionals and the collaboration of Sagardoy Abogados. The authors of these proposals are Pilar Gomez-Acebo, Vice President of the Spanish Confederation of executives (CEDE) and consultant for companies, Ignacio Buqueras, businessman and Chairman of the National Commission for the rationalization of the Spanish schedules, Inigo Sagardoy, partner of Sagardoy Abogados, Enrique Echegoyen, spokesman of the Committee on employment and Deputy Spokesperson on the Committee on Budgets, economy and finance (PSOE Madrid)Jose Luis Casero, President of the Group Tempo Consultores, Antonio Morales, Deputy Chair of the Bardera group, Carlos Garcia-Maurino, founder and CEO of Asefarma and Marcos Huergo, Director of MOA BPI. I have a proposal for you, Mr Zapatero well things, and if they were Ministers of economy or work of the current Government, would apply the following corrective measures: 1. the workers, entrepreneurs from his job. Pilar Gomez-Acebo, Vice President of the Spanish Confederation of executives (CEDE) and consultant to modify the vital element companies is the formative culture.

How to form and bet for the talent and professional growth should be checked. We need to move a culture in which workers sit entrepreneurs in their jobs. You involve more in the process. It is true that social protection is essential, and more at the current juncture. But for quite some time many families and people have been living comfortable charging provision for unemployment. And this is not good to encourage it. From the business point of view should streamline and improve processes judicial.

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