How to significantly increase the effectiveness of sales and leadership seminars. Implementation of seminar content seems to be a very difficult task. Rightly, the therapists now call seminars must pay for themselves. When investing in a company of a payback calculation machinery are subject to, which is why this should apply not just for the investment in employees? But how does that work? What is the seminar\”? Seminar comes from the Latin and means: nursery; Exercise course. The translation is very true.

As the shoots of a plant used in the ground through adverse weather conditions are most at risk, this is so also with new ideas, with still not mature behavior, which bring seminar participants of seminars. As a sucker is easily destroyed by adverse weather conditions, so it is also with new behaviors. Before the seminar when querying the seminar expectations, three groups stand out. The one who have a clear vision, what they want to take, the other surprise is just wanting to get away and the skilful\”, also not properly know, what they here should, however by the superiors were sent. Before you visit a seminar, must be itself quite clear about it, what would I take with me. Where are my deficits. Unusual, but highly rewarding it is when the seminar visitors fixed in writing his or her expectations.

If a company sends an employee to a seminar, it is an absolute must, that the supervisor discusses with his staff, which is why he believes that his colleague should attend this seminar. In this conversation, also the individual objectives according to the descriptions of the seminar are to define as precisely as possible. The agreement stipulates in writing. This agreement must be even mandatory at in-house seminars. The coach in these seminars serves as the extended arm of the supervisor or of the company, therefore the agreements for each participant with the need to Coach will be discussed, so that he can modify its contents on the individuals and personalities out.

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