When home does not provide a proper family structure, either by the breaking of the family triangles, or by the (absence of) absence of parents, the result is uprooted, insecure, sons begrudged, without a clear identity, which becomes confused future managers, without the ability to locate contextually; without roots and, consequently, with the feeling of not belonging to the Organization for which they work; without the power and energy to achieve the results proposed, because they lack the self-esteem that impulse them effectively towards achievements and accomplishments. Manager negotiates, takes decisions, manages resources (human, financial, etc.), manages processes from his strength or inner poverty, clarity or ignorance of their personal processes. We just know the procedures, methods and technical information to manage effectively. The quality of your interiority is required to be effective. In this sense, commented Manuel Barroso: management that does not begin with the inner world of the Manager, the management of no contact with himself, unaware of your needs and feelings, ends up being not only ineffective but harmful. This quality of learning is strongly influenced by the context of family origin of managers.

The quality of the inner life and the consciousness of their own needs, you can not learn in College, or doing a course of management, or self help, or personal growth. On the contrary, it is learned in the triangle family, in contacts and experiences in family life. It is born from the experience of being family. No University or Academy can provide me the roots, identity, life of contacts and links that I denied my family; anyone can teach or transfer your inner life. An effective Manager, which is evident in their powers to make the right decisions, to move flexibly to changes in the environment, interact emotionally with others, take risks and handle uncertainty, empathize and respect others, solve problems or negotiate, etc., is a product of maps (standards, values) learning and behaviors of effectiveness experienced in family, who settled since his childhoodlearned in the daily routine of family life, through modeling and teachings of relational life with siblings and parents.

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