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Analyzing the queries that users are taken to my photo site, I noticed a lot of requests related to free education in photography. Frankly, very surprised that these people are hoping that someone would spend their time to teach free of such "freebie lovers. Want to find out for free all the nuances and subtleties of photography? Forward – there are many books on photography in the "open" access, a huge number of articles, a large number of photosites. All this can be the basis and theoretical basis, well beyond practice and more practice. Self-images can last a lifetime, and is absolutely free J. On my site you can download any photos, and even if you need a picture in normal resolution, you'll always be glad to send it. However, to spend their time creating courses on photography and read them "for free" – I consider illogical.

Unfortunately, the sausage to me "on freebie in the store do not give L. The only thing that can justify the free training – is a disguised advertisement, or testing of a new course, then we can talk about free education in photography, although I have great doubts As such training. But money is not everything so well, having been paid in several courses in landscape photography, I was amazed at the quality of existing teaching photography. There were no handouts, no systematic approach to training, especially in the teaching of landscape and similar "" disciplines in the classroom. So, for good quality – still far off. Well, to improve the quality needed money, which must come from listeners. Unfortunately, the market is learning photography is still in its infancy, but it is hoped that quality teaching will evolve, and in 99% of cases, photographers will be able to pay for courses at least photography small amounts.

Another form of free training images can be club system, which has already proved its worth for many years. With the emergence of a tool such as a webinar (online seminar), – without leaving the home to communicate with like-minded people. If, for example, each tells a topic in which he is strong, that would be his pastime. Videos with a record of courses in photography and became a wonderful way to distance learning. Recorded lecture on video once, then it does not actually require replication costs. However, all these methods do not give real communication with the master and practical skills – you need understand.

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