The Production

Being thus it is in the playful activities, that learn to deal with the real world, developing its potentialities, incorporating values, concepts and contents. The use of toys and pedagogical educative games as material, the point of view of the psicopedagogia, needs the perception of the context where if they find inserted, that is, these instruments are not common objects and yes objects that bring one to know in potential that can be or not activated by the pupil. Thus, they are through the act to play that we observe pleasures, frustrations, desires, at last, we can work in the construction of the knowledge. still, the pedagogical material does not have to be seen as always equal a static object for all the children, therefore, is about a dynamic instrument that if in accordance with modifies the imagination of the individual, therefore can occur a reinterpretao of the world, opening place for invention and the production of new meanings, to know practical.

The psicopedagogia, in the institucional scope has its preventive performance, in the relation of learning problems, being worried especially about the educational institution. Port (2007) tells that the institucional psicopedagogia dedicates related areas to it to the educational planning and pedagogical advising, having its contribution with the educational and sanitary plans in the scope of the organizations, and still it assists in the rescue of the identity of the institution with knowing mediating and rescuing the process of the teach-learning. Therefore, inserted to this reality, it fits to the educator to define which objectives intends to reach, using an adjusted methodology, where it will be selecting coherent games, tricks and toys, searching to explore to the maximum the knowledge of the child. The psicopedagogia appeared to answer the decurrent problems of the learning process human being, being been its object of study the being in process of construction of the knowledge.

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