French Stretch Ceiling

The main advantages of suspended ceilings: Fast installation – just a few hours and your suspended ceilings will be installed without construction debris and moving furniture. Strength – because of its flexibility, suspended ceilings withstand enormous loads: 1 m2 withstand a load equal to 100 kg. Moisture resistance – thanks to its waterproof, stretch ceilings are reliable prepyadstviem for the penetration of water, not corrode. Practical – easy to install and remove, does not require special care. Durability – the manufacturer guarantees that within 10 years, your ceiling will not lose its original color, while the seams and retention will maintain its reliability and durability for 15 years. What makes suture suspended ceilings from seamless? The next frequent question: what is the feature of seamless stretch ceilings. any essential no difference. The whole point is that the film was made in the form of a strip width of 130 centimeters.

Course cover a large area of one strip impossible. So, before you perform installation of suspended ceilings, film connects with a special apparatus. These seams are especially noticeable on the glossy film on the mat is much smaller. Seamless stretch ceilings are made of the broader bands. But still, the width, usually limited and is about four meters. Russian manufacturers do not offer such a wide canvas. So make sure seamless stretch ceilings – the French or German. They cost about half to two times more expensive normal.

In addition to the usual matte or glossy stretch ceiling, it is possible to establish a ceiling with a pattern. The most popular image that mimics the sky. Price significantly exceeds the cost of standard solutions and depends on the complexity of the picture. Properties of the film: – Stretch ceiling has anti-dust properties and does not require any special care. But if necessary it can be washed and rubbed. -Remains elasticity even after stretching for 10% of its length – guarantees lightfastness according to din 54004 at least 7 out of 8, does not emit harmful substances, so it establishes in any premises (operating, nurseries, etc.). Is not ignite (TNO B92-003);-is the acoustic equalizer – resistant to moisture, high and low temperatures (from-40C to +80 C) – involved in the thermal insulation – Strength (1m. square. film holds up to 100kg. You do not have flood scary )-average life-ceiling 25 years. Matt suspended ceiling is ideal for dormitories. Creates a perfectly smooth ceiling that can not be obtained any other way to finish, even plasterboard. In the presence of several shades of matte stretch ceilings. On suspended ceilings can cause a photo that would give originality to any interior. Photo for stretch ceilings are best used in rooms with large high-ceiling look good as an insert in plasterboard construction. Stretch ceilings with stars. Stretch ceilings with stars – the most original solution in the interior. 'Starry sky' is created by special technology using fiber optic lighting systems and . Stretch ceiling with the stars will highlight any decor. Two-level suspended ceilings. Two-level suspended ceilings are applied for the implementation of the most unique design solutions. Totally new direction in the stretch ceilings.

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