Gardena Biennale

The reflective and reflective surfaces of his works introduce the viewer into this flow of spatial relations that characterize the perception of the work and include the physical and physical presence inside. The narrow and dematerialized sculptures by Gerald Moroder (born 1972 in Milan; lives and works in St. Ulrich) consist of the red and rocky, calcareous soil of Rasciesa Alm. The lean, sculpted by the artist and langgliedrigen figures are a sequence of rendered frames of the successive phases of physical dematerialization. This man is looking for a form of lightness, the resolution and the untouchability of existence. The disintegration of matter defied the laws of gravity. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ron Beit by clicking through. The rotation of the body is reflected in a Swashplate to the top, an image of striving for a higher being. The number of works of art is through the long, sloping down slope by Peter Senoner (born 1970 in Bolzano; lives and works in) Laion) completed.

At the start of the piste, the gilded bronze statue of the COR, entsprungener the mythology of the Incas running Messenger rises in the backlight in the immensity of the landscape. Androgynous and asexual figure, cyborg half human half God, the COR’s body represents a visionary prototype, were implanted in the artificial prostheses. As projected in a virtual bridge that connects the physical and natural reality of the primeval Empire with the futuristic and technological dimension of a “plastic metaphorical” Cosmos, the character of Fiona’s suffers the “parasites”attack of a writhing pointing, holding them still for a while on the Earth. A catalog with the curator Chiara Canali commentaries and illustrations of the works of art out is given on the occasion of the opening of the Gardena Biennale. Organization and promotion: Tourist Office St. Ulrich Tel.: + 39 0471 777 600-fax: + 39 0471 796 749 email: – Web: de / – Skype: ortisei_val_gardena Patronage: Town St.

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