Games Here

You create their own look, you choose how you will see other members of virtuality. You can be simultaneously in many of the virtual. You can always break off without any loss of connection in virtuality and immerse yourself in another virtual. No problems so treplyuschih nerves in the outside world. Want to shoot – please shoot, make love – not a question, get together and discuss how an issue is not a problem. Jorge Perez is full of insight into the issues.

With each passing hour things are not available in virtuality is becoming less and less. A man passes from the outside world, full of challenges and frustrations to the world of made-up rules which are much more liberal and that it can always be first all depending on any of its data. What is the outside world? This is what we see, feel, feel! Modern electronic devices can affect almost all organs of the human senses, simulating the reality of all better and better. It should be noted that such a symbiosis of man and machine is getting closer thanks to modern advances in electronics. To be unfounded, we consider two aspects in which the virtual moved beyond all: the game and love (sex). Games Here’s the real plague of the 21 century. Spending a lot of time man, they almost do not carry any payload other than satisfaction. Nevertheless, the logic is not there advantage of the human race. Games – a source of positive adrenaline is so lacking in today’s world.

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