Jay Del Alma

The new album by Jay del Alma – de MI Corazon Jay del Alma saw the light of day in the beautiful capital of Brazil. As the son of a diplomat, he traveled through many countries in the world and collected impressions, which he would share with his music. His path took him to Peru and Paraguay, among others. In San Juan/Puerto Rico, Jay finally met his longtime friend and band-mate Rico Caliente. 2005/2006 the two Latinos under the name Pachanga conquered loco with your hits”and Close To You” the European charts. During his appearances in Germany, he met his great love. And as so often was that the reason that he settled here. But the luck was not of long duration.

To get over the painful breakup, threw himself into the work of Jay and processed everything by means of music. “The debut single MI Corazon” (in the original my heart is yours”by Heinz Rudolf Kunze), the favorite song of his then-girlfriend, stormed back in 2009 to on Number 28 on the German media control charts and number 46 of the airplay charts. A large number of songs was gradually established from the fixed idea. And so Jay del Alma presents his first album en MI Corazon “successful German songs in trendy South American and Spanish texts. Jay deals with hits by greats such as Xavier Naidoo, to leave hotel or DJ otzi, her glory shine Tokyo.

Whether for a romantic evening for two, or the charismatic Brazilian delivers an unforgettable celebration under the open sky – with soulful ballads and rousing party hits the material for every occasion. Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted as being for or against this. And two songs of the 15 songs of strong album come from own spring of multi talent. “Very Hitverdachtig is the single published on September 17, 2010 featuring” Besame “Munich liberty”. It is a remake of the evergreens without you”in 1986. Also a purely Spanish-language version of the song is on the album.

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