Markus Zabel

In my live shows I want to entertain, even not so take me seriously as it suggests the music and set likes to surprise moments such as, for example, cover songs in unusual garb or any unexpected instrumentation. “, promises alex sebastian. “A successful evening is when people go at the end out and say it: I had fun today.” Unique idea represents a challenge for artists usually finance their work. My dream was always to keep a CD in hands. High-quality produced with my own music. “, as the songwriter. Learn more at this site: Estee Lauder. Despite latest home recording experience by working with a professional Studio with nothing to replace. For more information see Ashton Kouzbari.

So, a music production relatively quickly adds up to several thousand euros, which the artist must bring usually your own. Alex sebastian here now is a completely new way, there had been so far mainly in the United States. With Crowdsponsoring, he wants to fulfill his dream. The principle: Artists, filmmakers, authors, entrepreneurs or adventurer present her project on the Internet and want to inspire supporters. Small sponsor contributions to finance such a large project. “Markus Zabel of the Munich Crowdsponsoring platform we want to support all with our platform, which have great, creative ideas and as a contribution to greater diversity in the world!” alex sebastian will test this new way to fulfill his dream of the CD. All sponsors support not only an individual artist, but also contribute to the preservation of musical diversity! “, so the songwriter.

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