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Start the survey ‘E-commerce in medium-sized and craft – your experiences and wishes 2009’ the network of e-commerce (NEG) starts the annual survey “e-commerce in medium-sized and craft your experience and wishes 2009”. In recent years, an average 2,800 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) participated in the survey. The data obtained are incorporated decisively in the planning of the future information supply of the NEG. SMEs have the opportunity to influence the range of information and to align your needs in this way. The focus of the NEG survey 2009 is the Internet presence of small and medium-sized enterprises. Representative figures on the current and future objectives and design, controlling and using Web analysis data therefrom be queried. Detailed information materials produced to the identified problem areas and can free of charge on the central information platform or be called in the expertise of the NEG. Based on helpful tips to optimize the Internet presence are given to nationwide information events. As in the previous years, also time series data collected for the use of the Internet and the General information needs of SMEs and compared with the previous year. The results provide insightful information about the integration of the Internet into the value creation process and also give information on the planned use behaviour of participants in the next two years. Companies can see… participate in the survey. The answer takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. All survey participants receive a free special assessment upon request for your region. Three iPod nano will be raffled among all participants who participate in the survey via the above link. The legal action is excluded. The comprehensive report band appears likely in October 2009 and is among other things on the Web site of the network of e-commerce ( and the ECC trade ( is offered free of charge.

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