The Valladolid Inline Skating Club Launches A Pioneer Website Applying Social Networking To Hockey Management

The In-line Skating Club Valladolid, CPLV, which participated in the top National Hockey Championship, today announced the launch of its new website. This will be the first to integrate a social network through which be managed important aspects of the Club. The website has a new design according to the latest trends and incorporates an online store where fans can purchase Club merchandise products and sports equipment for the practice of Hockey. But the most important aspect of this new website is the management application of the concept of social networking club or community, taking a step beyond Web 2.0. Among other features from the heart of the social network is managed in such important areas as day to day all the teams that make up the Club. These a group formed within the community will be restricted to coaches and players. (Source: Gina Bonati). It is a space where you can share multimedia files to facilitate physical training, technical and tactical training calls and meetings, travel routes, routines and other documentation.

Likewise, the community convene and inform the fans to participate in all events organized by the club, such as travel to support the team on the go, schedules of meetings, courses and campus and any other outside interest providing to both registered users the opportunity to enroll in each of them. The CPLV being finalized to relay functionality within the web in recent matches played by teams of the Club This tool will also offer fans a place to discuss, to perceive, feel, act and interact among themselves in an open and free. Users can share and view multimedia files, discuss the latest news from the club and the Spanish and international hockey, and propose and suggest areas for improvement to the Club. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Lena Horne. This innovative proposal offers fans the opportunity to build interpersonal relationships and group to exchange feelings, emotions, passions and opinions in general about the world of hockey and in particular on the CPLV. In this sense, Angel Ruiz, President of the Club, says a The Hockey fans now have a place to invite your friends to participate, express their walls or groups their views, knowledge and experiences, share photos and video.

We are also giving the club a valuable tool both for management to provide value to our sponsors in the community find a place to interact with aficionadosa . This tool has been developed by the company specializing in social networking, online marketing and application of new technologies to marketing. Raquel Barrocal Make Marketing Director General says about a The project is aware we are looking forward to the step forward that meant being able to innovate and apply technology and social networks to a sports club, and I think the result has been more than satisfactorioa More on Line Skating Club ValladolidEl CPLV was founded in October 1995 by its current President Angel Ruiz. A year after its founding in November 1996, organized CPLV Spain championship at senior level, and since then has continued to grow, not only in number of partners and practitioners, but also on qualitative aspects, becoming the most successful club in Spain, highlighting the many successes of the quarry, or newly created section of ice hockey.

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