Housing Market Mortgage

Housing question – one of the most difficult and pressing national problems. Apartment prices in many regions of Russia, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, is now so high that to buy a home in these cities can only very wealthy people. Strictly speaking, in the outermost regions of the Russian housing costs too prohibitive. In the city of Kirov square meter in new costs to consumers from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. Additional information is available at Edward Minskoff.

A common one-bedroom apartment on the secondary market is worth more than a million rubles. Learn from different people about the Kirov in the housing market, what problems they see and how they need to be addressed. Viktoria Topolsky, director Cosmetology Clinic "Aesthetics." I have not had to deal with the problem of housing. Although I plan to improve their living conditions. Now I have a one bedroom apartment in the center of Kirov.

But if you need to choose which way to purchase a new home, perhaps, choose a mortgage. But I, as a business man (/ manager of the business), are now more interested in the issue of mortgage is not for residential and commercial real estate. That open a new showroom, additional space is required. Naturally, we are talking about a large amount and long term benefits – need a mortgage for a period of ten years. Banks also offer loans only for a short time and under high interest rates. It is good that today there are systems and mortgage lending, but their appearance and increased housing prices.

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