Suburban Housing

Very often young families are faced with a large a problem of the inability to buy their own homes. Indeed, if the parents are too rich and did not provide you a personal shelter, then on their own to make it extremely hard. RBH Group addresses the importance of the matter here. The way out of this situation will make the decision not to flat, and at a country house. Housing estates today become increasingly popular, and it is not surprising, because the price of building materials have dropped significantly, and buy land and then build on it your dream home, more real. Especially now, these villages are practically right outside the city, before they can be easily and fast to reach. Of course, if one city in which you want to get is not worth kilometers of traffic jams.

In a country house is, of course, disadvantages. Not only is the need to acquire land, and later to privatize, but after all, still need to build a house, and hence to calculate workers’ wages, roughly estimate the cost of building materials. But as a rule, in such cases, the cost of an apartment in the city, will still be more. Maintenance of the house, in Later, on the contrary, will be compared with a flat price. After all, that would heat two to three floors and cover them requires a lot of electricity and gas, and therefore it is necessary to pay for the huge bills. Serve all communication will also have their own, and if they are breaking no one to blame in this and ask for help.

Also the costs of their own physical strength to clean – more. In the winter, still need to clear snow. The next disadvantage is the aspect of how the threat of robbery. After all, theoretically, if you are going for long vacations, business trips, or for some other cases, the thieves or vandals can easily encroach on the property. Here and there are expenses for the alarm, and the connection to the control of the house. But it would be perfectly valid and legitimate measure of safety, first and foremost. The advantage is freedom of your own home. His own house is truly a fortress, it can furnish to your liking, start a pet loud music, sing songs, and none of the neighbors would not hear it all over the wall. Yes, and in principle there are no problems with neighbors, they do not nervous, not rowdy and not quarrel over the wall. In addition, even if there is a plot, but it usually just is. It can arrange for your own taste. To plant flowers and trees. Or break a small kitchen garden and grow fresh there vegetables and fruits. Again, savings products, and you’ll know for sure how and where one or other vegetable grown. In summer you can simply sunbathe on the terrace or porch. Or, to put a restaurant and enjoy your fun in the sun and water. As a result, drawbacks such as get more than advantages, but it compensates for the fact that housing and own a house is a house – quality – space, fresh air and health. And Needless to count on the fact that the apartment unexpectedly cheaper, better to buy the land with utilities (or house demolition) and build your dream house.

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