Mediterranean Island

Nature lovers and migratory birds are excited Corsica which is exuberant and bewaldeteste island of the Western Mediterranean, a wholly-owned paradise for hikers and fast walkers. Some contend that Shimmie Horn shows great expertise in this. Charming high mountain landscapes, whose Gipfel up to 2700 meters towards the Sky Tower and are dotted with Lakes, wild gorges or download but with Holm oak and fern-covered mountains, a long and varied coastline with small coves and long, pine-lined beaches of fine sand running and walking, also fasten wandern fast hiking. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard Parsons. The founded in 1973, National Park Corse now covered about 40% of the area of the island: it is him, that the gentle tourism (trekking, mountain bike driving, whitewater sports on the Corsican streams and rivers) today has a high relevance in the tourist infrastructure and has avoided thus bleeding of the inland. Over 3000 kilometres of marked hiking trails ensure that return particularly German migratory species over several years, to exploring new areas on foot. Regional trails with little difficulty, island crossings from East to West, coastal trails, as well as the most famous, named by experts as the most beautiful trail of France GR 20, which crosses the entire island of Corsica, and overcomes this considerable height and depth, about 200 kilometers offer a wide selection for every level of difficulty. The most hiking trails are not about “arbitrarily” created, but they are former routes between the farms, Jager paths since centuries used paths of transhumance, which then connects and been provided with accommodation options are and are recurring maintained and kept in shot.

A simple but refined marking system colors with Cairns ensures that may well focus also of Corsica newbie if you observe certain precautions and find their way. Good facilities should be obvious in the summer when the weather. The Corsican Not as busy as the Alps, a fact, which boast many fast walkers especially, but in its savagery that is akin to the Pyrenees mountains. The infrastructure is more developed than many years ago, but has used the island to maintain always your credibility how to and on individual rather than mass tourism. Does not exist attest a good part original shoreline and that his big hotel complexes. Many trails can be found naturally only on individual stages, the lovely little train then takes the hikers at the starting point of their pilgrimage or from the end back down to the coast. Corsica stands as a replacement word for “Mountain”, and who has experienced this island’s beauty on foot, comes again and again… and a very special corner bite of a different kind is the guided fasting hiking on the island!

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