The Fehmarn Belt Bridge In The Grip Of Politics

If the Fehmarn Belt bridge now constructed or not? This question is asked every day and almost every day a different answer. The policy has the say, playing a neat role for the now citizens. At the time of traffic through the crow flies across the island of Fehmarn to Scandinavia will be handled by ferry. This ferry service runs smoothly and provides for many jobs on Fehmarn. The ferry is operated by the shipping company Scandlines, this in turn was the German Railway played a major role.

Nevertheless, the Scandlines has now been sold for good money and the federal government is withdrawing from the shipping company, although this field, notably the ferries from Puttgarden has brought high profits. This raises the question whether the railway shares were sold in order to pave the way for a fixed Fehmarn Belt. The sense of a fixed Fehmarn Belt remains controversial. Many experts overpaid design of profitability, which vary depending on the client anyway. Moreover, the Federal Government now had the idea to push the most substantial costs to the Danes on the eye, which in Denmark has again led to large protests. Even there, take the opponent to a fixed Fehmarn Belt. In some cases, create a presumption that the federal government deliberately wants to overtax the Danes to decide not itself a reason for rejecting the need to bridge.

Finally, Mrs Merkel will not like to weaken the economy Rostock. But all this is not transparent. The biggest advocates sit in the provincial government in Kiel, who want to build the bridge already liked immediately, but have not a cent on the seam and forget, the other roads in Schleswig-Holstein screaming for a reorganization.

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