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Rare earth mine in the earth s crust is mainly in the existence of ore form, its mode of occurrence is three ways: as the basic elements of the mineral, rare earth occurrence in the mineral lattice compounds ionic, constitutes the essential ingredients of ore. These minerals are usually referred to as rare earth minerals such as monazite, bastnaesite. To isomorphous replacement in the form of impurity elements as minerals, dispersed in the rock-forming minerals and rare minerals, these minerals can be described as containing rare earth elements in minerals such as fluorite, apatite. Showed a plasma state is adsorbed on the surface or particles of some minerals. Such minerals are mainly a variety of clay minerals, mica minerals. Such state of rare earth elements are very easy to extract. Since October 1979, according to the re-election to Flotation an electrostatic separation process flow intensity magnetic separation the first 50 000 t / a Titanium pilot plant in Chinese were built. between 1996 and 2000, achieving a flotation of high intensity magnetic separator, process recycling of – 0.045 mm Ilmenite Particle industrialization.

In recent years, implement the efficient recovery of micro – fine grade titanium concentrates national industrialization demonstration project program, making the micro production capacity achieves limonite 140,000 t / a, and Titanium Factory of ilmenite comprehensive production capacity is 250,000 t / a, all of its technical indicators have reached international advanced level, and achieving titanium, cobalt and sulfur recovery. The Bayan Obo deposit sedimentary metamorphic hydrothermal iron rare earth niobium metal belongs to the symbiosis large deposits, having found in 71 kinds of elements, more than 170 kinds of minerals, the rare earth minerals is as many as 15 kinds, mainly are light rare earth bastnaesite and monazite mixed ore, the ratio is 7: 3 or 6: 4. Useful minerals asked symbiosis are closely related to the small size rare earth mineral grain is generally 0 dissemination. 074-0 Between the pair of mm. Useful minerals in the ore is mainly magnetite, hematite, bastnaesite, monazite, niobium minerals; the main gangue minerals are sodium pyroxene, riebeckite, calcite, Dolomite, barite, phosphoruslimestone, quartz, and feldspar. The current recovery of rare earth minerals in the Bayan Obo is ore flotation process, selecting raw materials containing rare earth after a rough selection, second selection, to sweep flotation process can choose produces 50% REO (rare earth elements) with mixed rare earth concentrate, if you need 60% REO concentrate, simply need to increase the time selection. Can also be mixed rare earth concentrate of the flotation separation of bastnaesite and monazite, and get the single rare earth concentrate. Stone crusher: mills:

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