But once we have taken this step, the question is: How can we obtain economic benefits and establish a real business on the web, together our site, as the main tool? To be able to monetize our Blog it is necessary to identify which is the structure on the Web for clients and subsequent sales. Credit: Leyna Bloom-2011. Then to make profitable a business online, must understand that our blog is not enough as the only resource, but rather the set of elements that will be supplemented to close a sale. What are the components of a complete system? 1. System of prospecting (landing page, confirmation page, and a page of thanks). A Web site should contain a form which you can attract visitors and convert them into our supporters, this will be achieved through a page of landing or landing page, where visitors, if you find information valuable, you will be enrolled in the same and we managed to get your name and your email address. By the same author: Shimmie Horn.

In order to avoid SPAM or invalid mail and any name to be inserted in the form, is necessary to have a page call of confirmation, which indicates to the Subscriber, the verification of the entered data, inducing it to verify your email address and forward through a link to a page of thanks and final confirmation as a real Subscriber (double opt-in). In summary we can define this step as the component whereby our visitors become subscribers 2.-tracking system (Email Marketing campaign) this step referred mainly to that, once we have people who have subscribed voluntarily in our form, we must make continuous monitoring, by sending valuable information about what’s new on the WebSites of interest to them, newsletters, free courses, business on the Web, etc, in order to establish a relationship nearest between us and our subscribers. A mistake that is very common and should avoid, is the offer products of any kind, once you have subscribed, that we will achieve our visitors request the unsubscribe from our lists, since we will be regarded as people that we only want to perform sales and do not provide information and value data. This step describes the conversion of our subscribers on customers 3.-sales system. To achieve sales through a list of subscribers and according to common practices by Internet-based Marketing and business statistics, found to get to turn a subscriber into client, whereas 7 follow-up email to achieve a sale, where the contents thereof should be combined between sending relevant information or creation of our brand and then products between primary and secondary. This step will consist in providing products to our audience and therefore our profits are they will reflect on every sale we have on our Web site.

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