Cosmetic Bag

Back to the high-quality, long-lasting natural product who today finds a bag for its magazines, books, files, etc., not easily has it in the selection. A variety of colors, shapes, materials and prices makes the decision extremely difficult. So we see only once at home, if we can find something suitable. Cabinets, chests, chests of drawers, basement or attic will be ransacked and often we will find it. Grandpa’s, Grandma’s, mother’s, father’s or even the own first school bag or Briefcase are to the fore.

Old, dusty, broken, hardened, or work around to the tool kit or any other. And usually made of brown leather, sewn, with metal zips and – buckle. Since this case is no longer to use the route to the city centre or in the Mall or in the Internet spared not us. And the selection kills us. About nylon, plastic, metal, fabric and leather are all colors, designs, etc.

And the prices? Clear! By cheap but also cheap quality and expensive but excellent Quality. So what to do? Ultimately we opt for a natural product, because old bag was Grandpa’s also made of leather and is still alive though also kaputt-and these plastic products can not convince. Shimmie Horn shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And we join a now strong trend: back to nature, back to nature products with simple, yet functional design. In finding now beginning for our new bag we encounter noble in specialized stores and on the Internet the Spanish company piel. founded in 1929, the company is today one of the leading European manufacturers of fine leather goods. Piel specializes noble on the production of the briefcases and portfolios as well as wallets leather. The program includes several collections for men and women. The collection that interests us is called NATURE and consists of three men shoulder bags and three men’s Briefcase. The bags have a simple, natural form, are decorated in light and dark leather and vary in size and price. The shoulder bags between 121,50 and 165,10, the briefcases cost between 210,30 and 340,40 ( With this collection, piel offers noble bags for any use and all tastes. Anyone looking for something simple, casual, and handy for a smaller amount of books and booklets, will find the right under the shoulder bags. Who needs plenty of space for files and requires several Innenfaacher attacks to the briefcases, which are perfectly suitable for this purpose. How the election turns out, we can be sure to have purchased a high-quality and excellently processed natural product, hopefully not so ending like Grandpa’s old Briefcase at least not in the next 50 years.

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