Mission of Islam

500 millions of Muslims in the world. One per every four Earth. The Mission of Islam is to dominate the globe. Islam means submission. The Qur’an is not a book of peace but of war, repeatedly calling for the annihilation of the kaafir (disbeliever). Muhammad was never in Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel.

Never in history there was a village or a Palestinian State. Jerusalem was founded by King David and is the capital of Israel from 3. 000 years. The Palestinian cause is the excuse of Islam to destroy Israel, spiritual birthplace, ethics and morality of Judeo-Christian Western civilization. Islam emerged the 7th century; 2 600 years after Judaism, 1. 300 after Christianity.

There is no moderate Islam. There are moderate Muslims who are the minority. Islam does not accept free will nor democracy. There was never a demonstration against terrorism in any Muslim country. Ninety percent of the wars and witty massacres in the world are caused by Muslims. All the bombers are Muslim. Shiite terrorism is funded by Iran, which supports Hezbollah. The ayatollahs are the real rulers of Iran, are governed by its supreme political leader and spiritual, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Majmud Ajmadineyad is your manager. The main financier of the Sunni terrorism is Saudi Arabia. The school textbooks Islamic, that teach children to hate and kill those who are not Muslims, they are elaborated and edited by Saudi Arabia. Any religion that is not Islam is prohibited in Saudi Arabia and anyone who is not Muslim can walk on Mecca. Saudi Arabia built mosques in the West, planning to convert the people of the place, and to eventually dominate and govern with the Sharia, Islamic law. All Sunni terrorist groups come from the Muslim Brotherhood. His credo is: Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law.

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