Work More Efficiently With Unified Communications

Fusion of video conference and UC internal communication has taken an increasingly higher profile in recent years with regard to its importance for a company’s productivity. Just for this reason, the use of videoconferencing systems, who use the resources of unified communications, is becoming increasingly popular. Efficient use of working time through ease of operation using a consistent and user-friendly user interface that adapts to the current standards, eliminates the learning curve of the individual employee in complex and different communication systems and structures of the company. Application steps are self explanatory and communication can be used quickly and independently. No working time must be invested in the use of communications content of the communication is in the foreground.

The example of ‘Video conference’: you can start with the simple click of the mouse. All are efficient communication through selection of the optimal medium into the user interface of the communication tools usable media into the meaning of unified communications. The individual user can set depending on the contact person or related group of contact person, his preferences for the communication method availability status or time of day. So the modern means of communication are fast and easy to use depending on the situation and the individual user runs no risk to lose track of increasing diversity of communication media. Example ‘Video conference’: video conferencing available through your own desktop on the own workplace. For colleagues in a different branch from the standard medium can be used on ‘Video conference’, for customers to call”.

Availability of efficient shows the interface of communication tools the availability status of the individual user by providing presence information is already common other communication platforms. The sensitivity for the responsiveness of the individual employee is increased and reduced erfolgslose attempts to communicate. An ad-hoc communication with several Employees is easier-initiated. The example of ‘Video conference’: want to start a video conference, is quickly obvious whether all members of the team are available. Efficient use of data context integration the amount of different data, which holds a company that are more usable by unified communications. Large databases of various contact information need to be not longer individually on and searches for the corresponding caller. The information is directly linked to the communication and automatically included. This will increase not only the efficiency of the use of data but also the efficiency of the service communication. The example of ‘Video conference’: the customer’s name is directly parallel to the video conference from the database to retrieve and incorporated. Also its function and past communication history are shown. Application sharing integration of further cooperation such as desktop or application sharing or the sharing of programs in the cloud making cooperation efficient cooperation by Employees of different locations equal to the direct project work in an Office possible. Employees can be assigned to projects specific and not location specific and specialists can flexibly supported part of processes of other projects. The example of ‘Video conference’: an acute problem regarding a customer occurs, which is spread over several countries can be relevant employees with unified communications quickly and extensively replaced by videoconference.

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