National Universities

All persons have the right to education and the enjoyment of the benefits of cultural freedom and scientific progress.That is why we have committed ourselves to follow the paradigms emerging from the hand of the anarchist education and Liberation, since the highest level that a person can aspire is to be revolutionary (Ernesto Guevara). National universities require promptly rescue the quality of education, that long has been deteriorating and where the University authorities are committed to achieving it, giving way to new plans, programs that allow repotenciarla with teachers more committed to his role, research, publications, and profiles of professionals who are trained, according to the requirements of the current scenarios. Corresponds to the universities, our interest in analysis, provide students with modern knowledge, both quantitatively and qualitatively to be able to compete on equal terms with others involved in the same goal or purpose. Consider as indicated by a UNESCO report, presented by the International Commission on education for the 21st century, chaired by Jaque Delors, where expresses the basic principles for education: learning to know; Learn how to make; Learn to live and learn to be, with an emphasis on the skills needed to be the personasdesarrollen planely its potential. Definitely, not can follow universities ignoring the role, scope of the teachers in the direction of the transmission of knowledge of different subjects requiring a level of education to their trainees, as well as ignore the responsibility that corresponds to a given one of those involved in the educational work in the country. It is necessary to better management of the education part of the University authorities, allowing them to integrate more into the scope, implications of all aspects involving quality education, taking into account, it is necessary an evaluation of both pupils, teachers, institution capacities, as Jose Luis Noriega (2003), reminds us in these three aspects is summarized all the problems of the quality of education in our country, and to the extent that we as teachers, change our way of thinking we will be able to raise our quality of education.

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