She recognized the obligation of the parents to educate the children for assuring a solid base to them as preparation for a worthy and balanced life. She recognized as meritria the intention of its Sovereign father of, through she covets, to stimulate the men to the work in set and thus to create a propeller spring for moral and intellectual progress. finally displayed its plan: ) The goddess Agate would continue with its task, creating wealth and distributing them, however, it would stimulate the men to direct the children for the studies; b) The Sofia goddess if would pledge to stimulate the opening of schools in the villages and towns and would wave with perspectives of intellectual and moral growth to attract the children and young; c) It would assure the Richness to the young that through the knowledge acquired and supported for the work of the parents if would become apt for a full life of accomplishments. To demonstrate to its clear determination it asks for the contribution of the responsible princesses for the arts. They would assume functions in the surface spreading the knowledge and the practical one of the arts that represented: music, I sing, painting, drawing, poetry, literature and sculpture. The plan of the goddess of the Richness warmly was received, being approved for unamimity. In the instant where they applauded the holy ghost Ray if projected on all confirming the absolute agreement of the Magnificent Sovereign who it saw its plan understood in all its extension: WORK PROFCUO + EDUCATION (Moral, intellectual, physical and artistic) = FULL ACCOMPLISHMENT OF the HUMAN BEING. Thus it would have of being. Cndido Joo Da Silva Grandson (Written in JUVENLIA-MG)

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