AC Ryan has released a 1TB version of the series Playon of your hard disks. I recently saw the TV hard drive multimedia recorder DVR 500 GB came to the market and now is the 1TB which is introduced in this range. TV 1TB DVR Playon has dual recording function in addition to the television play your files on it as well as record, store and play from the device itself and from the PC via cable Ethernet. A big advantage of this hard drive multimedia recorder is that if we ran out of capacity, we can easily extend it by putting another hard drive via USB. Back to Brideshead is a British television series based on the 1981 novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh. The novel was adapted for the screen by producer Derek Granger and Martin Thompson after the initial dash written by John Mortimer was rejected. Directed by Charles Sturridge but mainly from one or more episodes of Michael Lindsay-Hogg directed. Another important element of the series was the soundtrack composed by Geoffrey Burgon and in highlighting the Baroque trumpet.
The scenes set in Oxford was filmed in Hetford colleges, Christ Church and Wadham and the locations of the fictitious Brideshead finances were filmed at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. The scenes on the cover of the transatlantic rode in the Queen Elizabeth 2.
Compared with the British television series of the 70s, Return to Brideshead with a generous budget due to the renewal of the license is strongly released in 1981, why that Granada Television series designed to demonstrate a quality chain.
The series was honored in 1982 with the award for best drama series by the British Academy Television and in 2000 was listed at number 10 on the list of 100 best British television programs selected by the British Film Institute.

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