New Ministers

jeison39 i am come to give information of the new ministers of the clan which only genral which will be commissioned each different task these will be the ministers to open: Senior Minister: be like my right hand in the clan to help me in making decicion enter clan wars strategies and much more Minister of order: responsible for providing order in the clan to groceros spies etc. .. Gerra minister: will be responsible for programming the wars vs other clans. Minister of Recruitment: will be in charge of recruiting new people to the clan looking for new spies are not or have bad intentions with the clan. (3) Minister spy: spying will be responsible for the other clans that aser grab and stop and look people in the clan that is in another clan.(2) Minister of information: will be responsible for informing the entire clan clan events and happenings I remind you that all this is done with intent to be much different unc lan alos other clans and give a little more order in the pa clan clan improve everyone feel more comfortable with the clan. pa if you have more ideas to improve the clan please asmelo know and if you have any idea of another minister or a lack aga no nesesita dimelo.

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