Rent Increases As A Result Of Modernisation

Higher participation of tenants scheduled when a landlord of a building modernization through, he can pass on pro rata costs under certain circumstances to his tenants. This is for example the case when through the renovation lasting energy and water should be saved. The real estate portal reported about the consequences arising from it for tenants can. As a result of improvements can occur to a rent increase. The landlord may kill up to 11 percent of the cleanup costs to the tenant. Prerequisite for participation is that it’s energetic renovation for example heat insulation or energy-efficient heating systems and tenants be informed about the measures in a timely manner.

According to the plans of the Federal Government, landlord to can kill soon even more costs to the tenant. Especially in large cities, the cost allocation could lead the rents to rise significantly. Many tenants have already Switch housing, because their rent is now too high. The cost-sharing of the tenant is justified according to many landlords, eventually they will also benefit from the savings in the cost of energy and water. However, it is problematic in this reasoning that the modernisation costs independently can be actual consumption saving on the tenant. The tenant Association advocates that not only the tenants share the cost, instead the cost between the landlords, tenants, and the State should be distributed. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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