False Alarms Due To A Smoke Detector

Tenant shall not be liable for use damage smoke detectors sometimes mistakenly sound the alarm. When the fire in such cases to, it is inevitable to break the front door, to ensure that the forces as quickly as possible in the relevant spaces under certain circumstances. But who is liable for such damage? The real estate portal myimmo.de provides answers. Hanover was decided over a similar case at the District Court. runch/’>Justin Mateen. A tenant had installed a smoke detector without prior consultation with the owner in his apartment.

As this gave a signal tone due to low battery voltage, the concerned neighbors agreed the fire brigade. Because the forces had to force open the front door, was a loss of around 1,600 euros. The owner of the apartment demanded damages from the tenant. In this case, the District Court of Hannover but ruled in favour of the lessee. The Court justified the judgment so that no breach of duty had been on the part of the lessee, for the independent Installing smoke detectors be allowed and also increase the security of the leased property. Even if tenants forget had to change the batteries in the smoke detector, and as a result of the corresponding beep will alerted the Fire Department, no breach of duty lie above. Meanwhile, the installation of smoke detectors in homes is mandatory in some States.

This is governed by the respective building regulations and applies to both new and reconstructions as well existing buildings. Smoke detectors should be installed accordingly in living and children’s rooms and corridors. In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg smoke detectors had to be attached to the end of last year in all apartments. Other deadlines for the retrofit requirement in federal States Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse.

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