Rent Increases In 2011

Modernization costs and high new contract rent according to forecasts of the German tenants Association will this year increase rents in some areas by up to 12 percent. Especially new tenants are affected by the increases. Details, the real estate portal informs Who would like to rent a new apartment 2011, should have a good overview that rents could rise considerably in many places. The figures of the German Federation of tenants are rather unpleasant. So, the new contract rents are sometimes 10 to 40 percent of local comparison rents. A building to be rehabilitated, the tenant must also expect increases. Of course it is in the interest of the landlord, perform energetic renovation to get for the property to minimize the heating and hot water costs.

Although the tenants benefit from such measures, lessor according to the civil code must, therefore, not the annual rent up to 11% of costs applied for the apartment increase. There is also a reform of tenancy in the conversation. According to the plans of the Federal Government, rent reductions should be impossible due to energetic construction measures in the future. For tenants, there are some ways to reduce energy consumption. A first step is the purchase of energy-efficient household appliances. Further information on this topic get interested for example at the consumer centres.

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