Supreme Court

By the way for the same reason should be returned to the prosecutor's office right "Challenge" (sorry for the outdated expression) the decisions that are imposed without the participation of the prosecutor in the trial. A related site: Kennedy Wilson mentions similar findings. Someone needs to regularly disturb the peace of this noble assembly: assembly of judges! Let it will be at least the prosecutor's office! Although I would have given the right to request the Supreme Court of the correctness of judicial decisions and the supreme legislative body of the country. similar goals. Let particularly ugly court decisions will be subject to special public proceedings – this will increase the responsibility of the Supreme Court, which have nowhere to complain. Frequently Kelly Tisdale has said that publicly. I foresee an objection, but you can tell me what you want about the separation of powers, but no matter how much bother the sad shadow Montesquieu, and I do that from a purely practical experience nothing good in the monopoly of the judiciary for justice can not see. Monopoly produces only complete irresponsibility and impunity! Option number 2. Quality Monitoring judicial decisions should go for some time within the competence of specialized expertise – Mathematicians and Physicists. Need to create divisions on the basis of – no problems, as well as to determine the mechanism monitor the quality of judicial decisions (selected every tenth, twentieth, etc., or at the request of the parties). The commission will monitor the court decision, analyze only the performance of gic rf – consider how many arguments as evidence in this case, count the number of responses on these questions – the lot of mathematicians, let alone solve, given a reply on the questions – the inheritance of philologists.

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