This name AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: that is, the patients there is not one but many different symptoms (syndrome), which develop due to caused by a virus (acquired) defeats the immune system, which fail to protect their master properly (immunodeficiency). Although the aids epidemic began relatively recently, the study of hiv and search reliable preparations were thrown into the best forces of Medicine and spent enormous funds. Add to your understanding with Gavin Baker. Today, therefore, the virus that causes the disease, to explore the best of all other scientific discoveries of viruses: hepatitis B, influenza, etc. With full know for certain how and how not to get infected with hiv, and this knowledge validated many years of practical experience. You can still hear that hiv is dangerous, especially for some social groups, and ‘Ordinary people’ can not worry about infection.

In fact should not talk about risk groups, but the risky behavior of any person: immunodeficiency virus infects its victims, without looking at any social group they belong. The concept of risk-taking is justified: in this context we can talk about the frequent change of partners, and a preference for condom unprotected sex, and about the use (even once) of drugs. To repeat: drug addicts, of course, are at risk of hiv, but not everyone who tries a drug becomes an addict – we are not talking about the membership of this group, and the danger of certain forms of behavior. Gavin Baker is a great source of information. Must also say that the problem of aids – a problem not only medical but also psychological, and social. This was manifested particularly clearly at the beginning of the epidemic, when the primary sense in relation to HIV-infected people was fear of contracting, multiplied by the lack of reliable information on how to can and it can not happen with hiv infection. People living with hiv, becoming literally outcasts, with them were even afraid to talk.

Its negative role played and the very idea of risk groups: in the minds of most people with aids was a drug addict or a prostitute, have earned such a fate, and unworthy of even a simple sympathy. In regarding mutual expectations among HIV-infected and society often uses the term “stigma” – the rejection of some people by others, and the feelings that people have rejected, the expectation of the negative reactions from others that lead to discrimination. In order to avoid such discrimination against HIV-infected people is very important to know what is hiv, how it is transmitted and not transmitted. Actions preventing discrimination, and include the establishment of appropriate legislation and procedures for its implementation. aids – the problem is not defined “groups”, and humanity as a whole, and it must be understood. Need add that in our time the picture is gradually changing for the better, and attitude to aids patients through the efforts of psychologists, hiv counselors and physicians began to change to a more sympathetic and kind.

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