How Much Does A Funeral? Cost Calculator By Monuta Indicates

The issue of costs does not stop even before the death. For many survivors, the funeral expenses are a nasty surprise. Accordingly, most people do not intend an idea of what costs arise for a funeral and make. Monuta has found a solution: with an online calculator for burials brings the Dutch provider of Sterbegeldversicherungen light in the dark. The cost discussion does not stop at the death and the funeral. Credit: Dana Carvey-2011. What made the situation worse: at least people provide for the own funeral expenses and have an idea of what a funeral costs are connected.

Often be underestimated the financial pressures and the survivors must muster the necessary money unprepared. To give orientation here, the Dutch insurer Monuta N.V has introduced an online cost calculator for burials as the first supplier in Germany. At, customers and interested parties can calculate the costs of a funeral of their choice. Without hesitation Shimmie Horn explained all about the problem. Who has already answered the questions of cost and design his own funeral in advance, can relieve significantly his survivors as a result”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative of Monuta N.V. in Germany. For a funeral represents a State for nationals, in which organizational decisions are very difficult.

Then financial surprises are added, are simply overwhelmed. many survivors” The cost calculator Monuta offers for burials the stakeholders and interested parties quickly and efficiently information about the costs of a funeral. Thats a great support with the already difficult questions in the bereavement”Caballero explained. In addition, the Monuta Web page in the download area provides all relevant documents relating to the provision of bereavement, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The Scenarium developed by Monuta”provides also valuable guidance in the most important points, which are observed in the context of a funeral by the type of burial up to the Design of the commemoration. About Monuta Monuta insurance insurance, a subsidiary of the Dutch Monuta Uitvaartzorg en – verzekeringen N.V., their burial since July 2007 in Germany offers. Because Monuta sees itself as trustee for its customers, the product range in addition to the pure insurance or financial protection includes additional services and benefits. Germany wide is it worked with selected, quality-tested local partners. In the Netherlands, the Monuta Uitvaartzorg founded in 1923 is the market leader for the bereavement care en-verzekeringen N.V.. The company serves there 1.1 million customers and manages a portfolio of EUR 4.6 billion (stand: May 2010). Press inquiries: Britta Wulff public imaging Agency for investor relations and Public Relations GmbH Goldbekplatz 3-5 D-22303 Hamburg Walter Capellmann Tel.: 040 / 40 19 99-27 fax: 040 / 40 19 99-10

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