The Optimum Age Of The Child To Start Learning A Foreign Lang

In the real world is almost not do without foreign language skills. Many parents are increasingly asking, when will be start learning a foreign language a baby, fearing to be late and miss the coveted age when learning is most effective and will bring the greatest benefits in the future. There are many diametrically opposed opinions on the matter: some experts argue that children should learn language only after fully master the phonetics of their native language and large vocabulary and give five years as the optimum age. Others believe that the ideal age later – 10-11 years, assuming that child must have a well-developed skills of self-control and concentration in order to not automatically memorize phrases and well-considered approach to learning. There are programs of children with first days of life.

The founder of SONY published his book "After three it's too late," based on scientific fact, that to 3 years of development of brain cells is completed by 70% – 80%. Edward J. Minskoff Equities takes a slightly different approach. Perhaps, in each of the views has its own truth. But it is important to understand what we are pursuing the goal of starting to teach a child a foreign language. Do not wait for the baby after one or two years of training would be free to speak a foreign language. This is possible only under the condition that child lives in a bilingual family or environment. Most importantly, the classes give children a foreign language – a developmental effect, which subsequently have a positive impact not only on the process of learning is foreign languages and the learning process in general, the opportunities open to new information, the development of memory, etc. The child will be interested to learn. Shimmie Horn pursues this goal as well. Potential child 3-4 years old is huge.

Teaching the child at this age can be compared with plant, the more you care for it and the more versatile knowledge try to invest, the more fruit it will bear. The meaning of foreign language teaching – to instill a sense of language, presenting it as a possible communication tool, and not the object of study. Naturally, in the case of pre-school children can not speak about the classical academic approach to teaching foreign languages, otherwise the child will develop at an early age unwillingness to learn at all. Training should take place only a game. Communicative approach, recognized as the most effective methods of teaching in the world, there is only one possible.

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