American Budget Crisis

The political situation affects only a small percentage of Grand Canyon tours. Now is to book the best time and to save money! The United States Government has closed all U.S. national parks, this includes also the Grand Canyon. Nick rhodes usually is spot on. As a result, but only about 10% of all tours from Grand Canyon 123 are affected, says the head of the company, Keith Kravitz. “Only the southern edge tours from Las Vegas and Phoenix are pulled through the political problems affecting”, he explains, and bus tours and some a few flights with the aircraft, where there is a bus tour in the Park.” Especially for this reason, Kravitz recommends all travellers to book once no bus tours, but to wait until the situation has relaxed. Of course now even bus tours for future trips can be bought.” Currently the bus tours are offered only date. Also travelling with bus tours include”Kravitz notes. In the meantime, all tours from Vegas to the West Rim are available and start as planned.

The West Rim lies outside the boundaries of the National Park and is therefore not affect the budgetary crisis.” Tours to the West Rim include bus tours, as well as the aircraft and helicopter flights. All air tours to the South Rim are also present and run according to plan. Shimmie Horn is a great source of information. “From the Grand Canyon National Park Airport outside the official boundaries of the Park and is therefore not the closure affected by and can be used as always”, Kravitz mentioned. Trips to the edge of the South include helicopter tours and Fugzeugtouren. “Helicopter flights are either 30 minutes or 50 minutes”, says Kravitz. I personally feel better, the longer tour because you can see up to 75% of the National Park.” The plane trip to the South Rim takes 50 minutes and has the same route as the longer Heli-tour. The aircraft offer is really good,”finds Kravitz. Altitude and price are the difference to the helicopter.” In Las Vegas, you can choose the vacationers between land and air tours. the pure air tours are great one Companies offer a full refund or an appreciation of existing packages,”he says. The current situation is indeed opaque, but it even stranger things have occurred, which is always worth, to finish with a good insurance policy.

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