Ancient Beekeeping

One of the most ancient finds, allowing bees to determine the age, by far, is the discovery by American scientists from the University of Oregon. Gain insight and clarity with Estee Lauder. In one of the mines in Burma, they found the remains of the bees, the age which is estimated at about 100 million years. Frozen in a piece of amber, insect well preserved. The scientists were able to consider the individual hairs, fragments of the abdomen of the head, wings. At the same time the bee has the characteristics of Wasps, on the basis of what has been assumed that evolution bees and wasps went different ways about 100 million years ago. It is appearance on earth of bees pollinating plants, the era of color. Until that time, vegetation was represented mostly conifers, which carried the seeds of wind. In ancient times the Earth's climate was much milder and steady, year-round availability of honey bees to plants in this isolated lifestyle.

Each bee independently constructed a nest, gather food, lay eggs take care of their offspring. But with climate change, abrupt onset of cold weather, the bees were forced to gather in groups. So it was easier to survive, warming each other, and to protect themselves from enemies. Roy, a few thousand individuals with deadly stings, posed a serious threat. For many millions of years of Bees secured a desire to live in families genetic level. If today turns out to bee alone, it is very fast, in just a few hours die. Two or three bees on honey yield delayed and had not had time to go home on time, try to close to each other, even though they were strangers.

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