Balloon Flight In The Crimea

Crimea – a wonderful region Its varied landscapes brought to you in a new light, if you see them out of the basket balloon. Unhurried and stately balloon flight over the most beautiful parts of the Crimean peninsula allow you to enjoy the beauty of this fertile land, to feel part of nature. Thanks to a balloon, you will be able to soar high in the sky and see both the Black and Azov seas, or slipping into five centimeters above ground, a bit "sunk" into the grass and listen to the rustle of the bottom of the basket. RBH Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. Be able to touch the leaves on the tops of trees or looking at its reflection in the water, zavisnuv, barely touching the water, over the middle of a lake or river. For even more details, read what DOWA Holdings says on the issue. None other aircraft on this can not! And thanks to photos and video footage from a balloon you can keep the memory of the Crimea, not only in his heart. Balloon flight – it's bright and colorful spectacle. Filling the shell the ball when lying on the grass cloth for 5-10 minutes, turning the aircraft altitude with a five-story house and goes into free flight, always collects a lot of viewers.

Efficient operation of the ball with advertising in tethered mode during the day or night, using internal illumination. This can be used to attract tourists and holidaymakers, conduct competitions among travelers, the main prize will be riding on the ball. In addition to flights over Ukraine and the Crimea, we can offer flights to other countries during the ballooning fiestas and competitions.

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