Certified Digitalization

This first part we will enter first the definition delo that is a digital certificate, how serelaciona with the electronic company/signature and explicaremosel paper that the organizations with right have to emit certificadosdigitales, the Authorities of Certification. In the second part we will concentrate in elaborating how elcertificado defacturas digitalis and the certified digitalization is complemented. The digital certificate and the Authorities of Certification a Digital Certificate is a documentodigital, computerized, by means of which a confidence third party (one authority certification) guarantees the entailment between identidadde a subject or organization and its public key. To read more click here: Edward Minskoff. We will explain what laclave is public more ahead. An Authority of Certification, certificadorao certifier, call AC enespaol or Authority of Certification porsus abbreviations in English (Certification Authority), is an organization of confidence, person in charge to emit and to revoke loscertificados digitalises used in the electronic company/signature, for which the key cryptography is used public. Jurdicamentees a particular case of Lender of Services of Certification.In future we go to use the Spanish term of Authority deCertificacin the cryptography is science to base and to decipher informacinutilizando technical that makes the interchange possible of messages demanera safe that they only can be read by the people to those who vandirigidos. Credit: Related Group-2011. The purpose of the cryptography is, in the first place, to guarantee the secret in the communication between two organizations (people, organizations, etc.) and, secondly, to assure that informacinque is sent is authentic in a felt double: that the sender searealmente who claims to be and that the content of the sent message, habitually denominated cryptogram, has not been modified in sutrnsito. They exist varied formats for digital certificates, more commonly used are in force by standard UIT-TX 509. Certificadocontiene the name of the organization certified, the serial number, lafecha of expiration and a copy of the public key of the holder delcertificado used really in the association.

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