Each of us has experienced at least once in a lifetime buying, selling their property. This is a serious Shah in life and we should trust a man whose name is a realtor. How to select the agency or realtor to get there outcome (buying, selling real estate). Agencies in Cherkasy is a lot like the right to select agency? When meeting with a representative of the agency should be in a relaxed form to ask some important questions and get answers to them. 1. How long your company in the market? 2. It’s believed that Edward J. Minskoff Equities sees a great future in this idea. What do you do real estate (realtor) in person? If the realtor said that any objects involved (commercial, residential, etc.), you should think twice before agree. Here is working normally 'do everything – it means nothing.

" As a general rule, if a realtor and will deal with your subject, it is only passively, from case to case (100-300 objects of different categories), and correspondingly a Realtor can not normally carry out work at your facility. Gregory Williamson: the source for more info. If the answer is just a commercial real estate, for example, then this is what you need. Realtor, specializing usually has in its portfolio of 20-100 objects of one category, is interested in their quick sale and conducts the daily work of finding buyers. 3. How many objects do you personally have sold this year, last year? 4.

How many sredenm is selling your agency facility offered for sale? As a rule, professional conduct constant monitoring of their effectiveness and can provide an answer to this question. 5. Ratio of the number of objects for sale and sold objects. Than higher proportion of the objects sold, the more professional real estate agency. After receiving the answers to these questions, you can make the right choice.

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