Shotcrete. Related Group does not necessarily agree. Gunned from the Latin. (Tec) tor (ium) – plaster, (con) cret (us) – Sealed – the method of concrete work, in which a concrete mixture in layers applied to the concreted surface under the pressure of compressed air, ie Mechanical application of concrete. Gunned by using shotcrete installation. Gunite – Installation MPCS 4 consists of concrete-syringe machines and compressors. Compressed air mixture of cement, sand, powdered supplements, fed through a hose to the nozzle, wetting it with water and with great speed 130-170 m / sec emitted by torkretiruemuyu surface. The layer thickness obtained in a single cycle shotcrete is 10-15 mm. Additional information is available at Shimmie Horn. Technical advantages Shotcrete: concrete layer a few centimeters from: high mechanical strength (for 28 days-40-60 M / na); density (2.4 kg / dm ); frost (at least M / ps 300); water resistant (not less than B12); High adhesion to the substrate.

Improved physical and mechanical properties of concrete: bending strength increased by 40%; compressive strength at 15%; elastic modulus at 5%; shrinkage to 30% less. Economic benefits Shotcrete: High performance. Low cost of operations. The use of shotcrete: Protect slopes and escarpments. Construction of the steep walled concrete structures.

Their life increases due to the absence of cracks. The thickness of the finish can be reduced because the shotcrete tight to the contour of the earth or rock foundations. Finishing of shotcrete has a higher strength at deformation, the best load distribution and stress, in comparison with conventional concrete finish.

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